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SHPS / Carewise Health Acquisition
December 23, 2013

Carewise Health Launches New Streamlined Personal Health Assessment for the iPhone to Improve the Member Experience
October 1, 2013

Carewise Health Partners with Fitbit to Increase Member Engagement in Wellness Programs
May 9, 2013

SHPS, Inc. sells its collaborative care management software subsidiary Landacorp, Inc. to EXL Service
October 16, 2012

SHPS, Inc. completes sale of its Human Resource Solutions subsidiary to ADP
April 3, 2012

SHPS to sell its Human Resource Solutions subsidiary to ADP
March 8, 2012

Carewise Health Receives Re-Accreditation from URAC for Multiple Health Management Programs
February 16, 2012

SHPS recognized as a Start! Fit-Friendly company
May 19, 2011

SHPS honored as a 2010 Healthiest Employer finalist
December 9, 2010

SHPS Receives Full URAC Re-Accreditation for HIPAA Privacy
May 18, 2010

Carewise Health volunteers fight childhood obesity
April 28, 2010

SHPS Receives Re-Accreditation from URAC for Consumer Education and Support Program
November 18, 2009

SHPS 2009 Healthcare Symposium: Bringing Patient-Centered Care into Reality
November 10, 2009

SHPS Wins Nine Healthcare Communication Awards in the 2009 Health Information Awards Program
September 2, 2009

SHPS Receives Re-Accreditation from URAC for Multiple Health Management Programs
June 10, 2009

SHPS and HealthMarkets partner to provide Carewise© Health services to individuals, the self-employed, and small business plan members
January 14, 2009

SHPS receives URAC accreditation for Comprehensive Wellness
January 13, 2009


SHPS Honored with Seven Healthcare Communication Awards in the 2008 Health Information Awards Program
November 18, 2008

Annual SHPS 2008 Healthcare Symposium Engages Health Plan Decision-Makers
November 11, 2008

SHPS Presents at Third National Consumer Driven Healthcare Summit: “Impact of Consumer Driven Health Plans: Findings from the SHPS Health Practices Study”
October 14, 2008

SHPS presents at DMAA 2008 Integrated Care Summit: Uniting Health Analytics with Six Sigma Methodology to Drive Health and Lower Costs
August 29, 2008

SHPS Presents at Harvard Colloquium: Six Sigma Principles Drive Healthcare Behavior Change -- Using Medication Compliance to Improve Healthcare Outcomes
August 18, 2008

SHPS Contributes to "Human Resources 2008: Answers To The Top 25 HR Questions In 2008" Published by Thompson Publishing Group, Inc.
July 21, 2008

SHPS releases business white paper documenting value of nurse line services
May 29, 2008

SHPS receives full URAC re-accreditation for HIPAA Privacy
May 21, 2008

SHPS captures award for healthcare innovation
March 26, 2008

SHPS sponsors and presents at HealthMedia ENGAGE 2008 Conference
March 18, 2008

SHPS launches next-generation wellness solution: Outcomes-focused, person-centric program sets new industry standard
March 11, 2008

SHPS survey results on best benefits practices for self-insured employers parallels findings reported in The New England Journal of Medicine
March 4, 2008

SHPS announces significant client growth in 2007
February 25, 2008

SHPS to present at 18th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
February 14, 2008

SHPS forges partnership with HealthMedia for development of efficacious health and wellness solutions
February 13, 2008

SHPS to present at UBS Global Healthcare Services Conference
February 6, 2008